Q: I frequently invite a close friend over for dinner, and it irritates me that she hasn’t extended any invitations in return.  She has enough money to entertain.  How can I tell her that she should reciprocate?

A: You can’t really tell someone to invite you anywhere.  Though she should reciprocate, there are undoubtedly reasons she doesn’t.  Maybe entertaining makes her nervious or she puts in long hours at work.  Bear in mind that invitations need not be returned in-kind, your friend could invite you out for a restarant meal.  If she isn’t doing even that-and you’re really ticked off-you could stop having her over, but that would be harsh if she’s such a close friend.  Perhaps you could concentrate on ways in which she demonstrates friendship other than entertaining?

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3 responses to “Entertaining Trade-off: When you’re always the host

  1. I have a neighbor and I frequently have her over for dinner. She’s had me over once. At first I was piqued but realized that for her coming to my house is a respite and I reallllly love to cook, while she’s raising a toddler and has her hands full. So, I got over it. She usually tries to bring something and so I let it go: she’s worth it!!

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