Here are some simple things you can do on a date that will leave the other person feeling relaxed and well-cared-for:

Be on Time

This shows that you are ready for the date, you’re dependable, and you care enough about being with him or her to make the effort to be punctual.

Dress Appropriately

Bottom line, the atmosphere and your attire need to match. Consider whether this is a casual date or if you need to put a little more effort into your wardrobe that evening. Your choice of dress sends serious signals about your social skills, not to mention your personality. Someone wearing a killer clubbing dress to a baseball game is clearly willing to embrace fashion at the risk of comfort. It also indicates that they think clubbing attire belongs everywhere—which it doesn’t. Someone who wears jeans and a T-shirt to a nice restaurant is advertising that they doesn’t know how to dress for a night out—or that they know but don’t care enough to put in the effort.

Maintain Your Composure

If you’re driving to dinner or the movies and you’re running late because of traffic, honking your horn and swearing will only make your date uncomfortable. And if you find it impossible to sit still or focus on your date because you’re so concerned about when the food will arrive, he or she will wonder whether you’ve gone out on the date for them or the appetizers. So relax, enjoy your date’s company, and be aware of what signals your demeanor is sending.

Go Easy on the Alcohol

There’s nothing worse than suddenly realizing your date is drunk. Period.