After eight years of almost daily etiquette posting, the Etiquette Daily is making a move to a new home and format. We are going to transition the daily etiquette Q&A blog post by The Emily Post Institute from our website to our The Emily Post Institute Facebook page. We hope that you will continue the conversation that has been going on here for so long at the new location.

LINK — The Emily Post Institute Facebook page

We are excited! This is something that the Web team has been planning for quite a while. We love The Etiquette Daily and the dedicated group of followers and commenters who make it such a vibrant community. We feel your passion for and curiosity about the subject of contemporary etiquette and look forward to sharing that spirit over on our Facebook Page.

There are two big reasons for making this move:

One, we love to host a conversation about etiquette and we think that Facebook is one of the best places to do this. They have the tools to help us manage and grow the discussion in ways that we simply cannot on our home site. It is also a place where the discussion about etiquette can spill out beyond our dedicated audience and into a much larger pool of potential contributors.

Two, we want The Emily Post website to be the single best source for etiquette information online. To serve that end we need to be very focused on posting clear and easy to find content about certain etiquette topics. The daily posting about all manner of etiquette on the Etiquette Daily makes this task very difficult. The conversational nature of the daily Q&A’s and highly descriptive titles makes it hard for our site search to identify the articles that we write addressing certain topics and differentiate them from Etiquette Daily posts that address similar subjects. It is complicated to explain and it is complicated for site searches and readers as well. This move will reduce that confusion and help the rest of our site function much better.

That’s it. We will continue to hold this space open for the next week and a half (though Jan. 12th). We will also start to post a daily Q&A over on The Emily Post Institute Facebook page. Please head over and take a look and tell us what you think. See you there.


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4 responses to “A New Home on Facebook for The Etiquette Daily

  1. To the Posts: I’m so sorry to see you leave the “open” web, because it means I will no longer be able to read your advice. I’m not a fan of Facebook, for several reasons, and so I don’t make use of it—which means you’ve now excluded me from your circle of fans. I do wish you hadn’t done that. But I also wish you well.

  2. I think it’s a shame you’re moving to Facebook as your main platform. It’s harder to navigate and find specific content, especially when searching out older posts – at least the previous setup on your blog had tags and categories.

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