Use business meetings to display your etiquette skills and as an opportunity to further succeed.

Whether you are meeting with your team, the entire staff, a client, a buyer, or a supplier, how you present yourself in a business setting can go a long way in how you are perceived by others. How they perceive you may be the key to success—or not. Consider each meeting an opportunity to showcase your talent, knowledge, and professionalism.

Here are 10 important guidelines on etiquette when attending business meetings:

10 Etiquette Tips for Business Meetings [download]

  1. Be on time. Even better, be five minutes early so you can find your seat and get situated.
    Being ready on time shows respect for others’ time and avoids having to start out with an
    apology for being late.
  2. Bring your business cards. Offer your business card as you introduce yourself or are
    introduced to other participants. Treat cards that are given to you with respect—read the card
    when it is given to you and then put it away carefully in a card holder (never slip it into your
    back pocket where you will then sit on it). Tip: Place cards from others on the table in front of
    you so you can easily be reminded of peoples’ names.
  3. Be prepared. The organizer of the meeting should have a set agenda that is shared well in
    advance. Participants should come prepared by familiarizing themselves with the objectives of
    the meeting and by having all assignments complete.
  4. Silence your smartphone. This includes tucking it away out of sight. Lights and
    vibrations can be distracting to everyone around you.
  5. Have a positive attitude. Don’t kick off your shoes and slouch back—meetings are not
    recess. Show respect by being professional, attentive, and engaged. A positive attitude starts
    with positive body language—sit up, look others in the eye, and smile.
  6. Be a good listener and active participant. Be courteous and listen when others are
    speaking, but also be sure to be an active participant so you can have a productive meeting.
  7. Don’t eat during meetings. Be sure to eat your meal or snack prior to entering a
    meeting unless the entire group is eating.
  8. Avoid nervous habits. Don’t distract others by mindlessly tapping a pen or drumming
    your fingers on the table, rustling papers, or tapping your feet on the floor. These actions make
    you appear nervous or bored, neither of which are good for your image.
  9. Follow through on your assigned action items. Just as it is important to arrive
    prepared, be sure to complete any assignments going forward.
  10. The all-important thank you:
    Meeting with co-workers: Thank the organizer…even something as brief as “Great meeting.
    Thank you for getting us together” will be appreciated.Meeting with a client or prospect: Here’s an opportunity to build the relationship that
    shouldn’t be missed. Write a note to thank them for their time and, if applicable, the
    opportunity to meet.

Click the link to download this list: 10-Guidelines-for-Meetings

At Emily Post, we don’t teach rules or preach protocol. We guide you in making an amazing impression over and over again that helps build better, stronger relationships that win business.

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