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Emily Post is about Communicating

No matter who your audience is, the Emily Post message of care for others and living well by being good, can help you reach out in ways that connect to connect to core values. Learn more about how Emily Post can work with you to develop and deliver messages that matter.


Have a published Emily Post author and member of the Post family deliver your next message. With over a century of thinking about how people behave, the Posts bring insight and experience delivering messages that get the point across in a way that matters to people. Craft a survey to raise awareness and bring attention to your issue, service or product and then let the Posts explain what it means.

Speaking Engagements

For your next event, treat your audience to a speech from one of the Posts. Engaging and passionate, there is never a dull moment once they take the stage. Are we really getting ruder? Would Emily roll over in her grave to see our cell phones, low-rise jeans, and lack of thank-you notes? What can we do about it? Hear the Posts’ insights into the state of civility today. Technology, dining etiquette, and combating rudeness are popular topics. They pose questions and paint real-world scenarios that everyone wonders about, and find common ground with their audience, whether they are CEOs or teenagers. They are also experts at tying in the major themes of etiquette with any message or goal you may have.

Brand Partnership

Emily Post is a trusted cultural institution that can bring value to almost any organization. Learn more about how your organization can partner with Emily Post to connect what you do in meaningful ways to the history and core principles that Emily Post represents to so many.

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The Emily Post Institute provides corporate partners with expert etiquette spokespersons for product endorsements, media appearances, publicity tours, survey analysis, public events, and editorial content. Put the confidence of Emily Post to work for your product or company, talk with us today to find out more about your etiquette angle.

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Please contact Daniel Post Senning for more information on message coordination and presenter availability by filling out our contact form.