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The Emily Post Institute

America's go-to source for etiquette advice since 1922

For the last 100 years, the Emily Post Institute has kept its namesake’s legacy alive while evolving (and Emily did) with modern times. Run by Emily’s great-great-grandchildren, Lizzie Post, and Daniel Post Senning, the Institute holds a firm belief that etiquette is based not only on the everyday manners that each decade brings but on the principles of consideration, respect, and honesty in our everyday interactions. As a barometer of North American etiquette (rather than a dictator of it) the Emily Post Institute aims not only to help make the world a more inclusive and kinder place, one interaction at a time but to give people the confidence to interact well with one another.

As America’s go-to source for etiquette advice since 1922, Emily Post has made a name for itself as a forerunner for etiquette books, programs, services, digital content, and products. With tried and true content that focuses on self-reflection, awareness of others, and awareness of our impact on others, Emily Post creates a safe space for people to drop their judgment and assess their own behavior as a means of making a difference and building better relationships in their lives both professionally and personally.

From a primary office in Waterbury, Vermont, the Emily Post Institute maintains a 25+ book collection, conducts seminars and trainings, and partners with businesses and non-profit organizations to bring relationship building skills and knoweldge of everyday manners to a diverse audience.

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