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Announcing a Pregnancy Hero Label

Announcing a Pregnancy

There are few pieces of news as exciting to share as pregnancy. Whether it is a first or fifth, a surprise or long hoped for, it is joyful news.From tweeting during labor to having your big news scooped on Facebook, sharing the news of pregnancy has a modern etiquette all its own. The choice about who to tell and when will vary from family to family. Though some couples share the news as soon as the pregnancy is confirmed, it's smart to wait until the first trimester is well in hand. Most people tell immediate family first, followed by close friends. If you're one of the first to know, this conversation may be accompanied by a request to hold the information close until the couple has the chance to tell others personally. Some will make an announcement at a family event to make sure their closest loved ones hear about it directly from them. Facebook has added an extra twist: Until the couple is ready for anyone to know about a pregnancy, they might restrict their Facebook wall to prevent an over-eager well wisher from spilling the beans. Even if a Facebook wall is active, be sure the news is truly public knowledge before posting congratulations. If you deduce someone is expecting, either from an extra glow or a declined glass of wine, show respect by allowing her to tell you in her own time. When she breaks the news, it's okay to share the insight you had then.