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Blind Date Basics Hero Label

Blind Date Basics

For those looking to spark a romance, a blind date can be a great opportunity to meet someone new. At the same time, going on a date with a complete stranger can be an utterly terrifying experience.

We've got tips for everyone involved in a blind date—from the matchmaker to the potential partners—to make sure that the process goes as smoothly as possible, regardless of whether the spark develops into a flame.
  1. When arranging a blind date, the matchmaker must have everyone's consent before giving out anyone's phone number.
  2. A get-together with a built-in time limit (translation: escape hatch) is a great idea for a blind date. Doing something light, like coffee, drinks, appetizers, or brunch, will allow you a good chance to get to know the other person without committing to a long, expensive dinner or night on the town. A movie, on the other hand, doesn't give much opportunity to talk.
  3. Calling to confirm a blind date is especially considerate, since both parties might feel a bit insecure to begin with. And if for some reason you decide that you can't make the rendezvous, you must let the other person know. Pulling a no-show is just plain mean!
  4. Above all, be honest: At the end of the evening don't say that you will call or that you would really like to see the other person again unless you mean it. If you aren't interested, simply say "thank you for the evening".