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Bridal Luncheons or Parties Hero Label

Bridal Luncheons or Parties

bridal luncheon table being set

When to have the party?

This is a great party to have a day or two before the wedding, or even the morning of the wedding itself—in which case the party can be a trip to the salon or a visit from a makeup artist and/or hairdresser. Traditionally, it’s a luncheon, brunch, or afternoon tea, but a cocktail party or dinner is equally nice, either at home or at a restaurant. This is a great opportunity for the bride to exchange any gifts with her attendants.

Who hosts?

The bridesmaids’ party or bridal luncheon is traditionally hosted by the bride’s attendants and is usually organized by the maid or matron of honor. In some communities, however, the bride and her mother, or a close friend or relative of the bride and her mother, host the party as a thank-you to the bridesmaids for their hard work and many contributions. I especially love this concept—since being a bridesmaid nowadays can consume quite a lot of time and money, this is a nice gesture of appreciation.

Who’s invited?

  • The bride
  • Her maid and/or matron of honor
  • All her bridesmaids
  • The flower girl and her mother
  • The bride’s mother
  • The groom’s mother

It's also nice to include:

  • Any sisters of the bride and/or groom who aren’t attendants
  • The bride’s grandmothers
  • The groom’s grandmothers