Can You Teach a Toddler Etiquette? Yes! Hero Label

Can You Teach a Toddler Etiquette? Yes!

Etiquette is all about building good relationships. Children need to learn how to act in ways that are respectful, considerate, and honest. These are the fundamental principles of all etiquette, and they are the tools needed to build strong relationships with family and friends. But how young can we go? Can toddlers learn concepts like respect and consideration? While toddlers may not understand principles and concepts, children this age can learn some basic behaviors that are fundamental to developing strong relationships. Most three year-olds, for example, are able to understand that sharing and caring make the other person feel good. They know this because they can see the smiles that sharing and caring bring. A smile is concrete. Toddlers can see the results of positive behavior in the smiles. And they can identify with the feeling they get from making someone else smile—it makes them smile too. It will take much patience, repetition, and good modeling on your part to teach your toddlers to share and care. But hang in there—it’s well worth it!