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Cell Phones & Golf Hero Label

Cell Phones & Golf

Written by Peter Post Here are a few reasons why you should consider leaving your cell phone at home or in the car the next time you stroll to the first tee.

Cell Phones Make You Lose Your Focus

First, think for a moment about how having your cell phone on during a round affects your own game. Focus in golf requires continuity. When continuity is interrupted, by a cell phone or something else, focus is the first thing that's affected, and your game will invariably suffer as a result.

Cell Phones Bother Other Players

The problem with using a cell phone out on the course is that everyone else sees it as rude, while the person using the phone believes he or she has a perfectly legitimate excuse that everyone else should understand. In reality, it doesn't work that way. The phenomenon of "cell phone voice" adds to the problem. It's an observable fact that when people talk on a cell phone, their voice level skyrockets—and so does every else's annoyance.

Cell Phones Slow Down Play

A person talking on the cell phone isn't stepping up to her shot and playing when it's her turn. Thus the cell phone becomes a cause of slow play.

Cell Phones May Be Banned at the Facility Where You're Playing

I know of several facilities that have banned the use of cell phones anywhere at the club. Using one can actually jeopardize a member's good standing. If you're a visitor at any golfing establishment, always ask before leaving your cell phone on. Bottom line: The cell phone causes far more trouble than it solves. Best advice: Turn it off and enjoy your game.

If You Do Bring One

As easy as it is to rail against the use of cell phones, many people believe they do have a place on the golf course. Before you use a cell phone during a round of golf, first make sure that the course doesn't prohibit it. Second, if you must have your phone on, explain the situation to the rest of your group and then keep it on vibrate. Finally, be sure that when you use your phone, it in no way negatively affects any other golfers.