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Color and Your Professional Brand: Men Hero Label

Color and Your Professional Brand: Men

Five color tips for men:

  1. Wear colors beyond gray, navy, light blue, and white! Color helps you stand out from the blue shirt crowd.
  2. Choose a color that either brings out the color in your eyes or complements your skin tone.
  3. If you have pink/blue undertones to your skin, you are more suited to “cool” or blue-based colors like gray, navy, blue, black, white, blue-red and blue-green. Consider turquoise!
  4. If you have a yellow undertones to your skin, (maybe you freckle easily or are a redhead), you look great in warm, yellow-based colors like beige, brown, ivory, olive green, tan, and orange-red. Consider coral!
  5. Here are three easy ways to incorporate color:
    • Wear a sweater in a color that works for you underneath your jacket. This is where you can experiment with turquoise or coral.
    • Buy some new shirts! Browse sites like Mr. Porter and J. Crew to see what colors they are showcasing. You might even consider a patterned shirt with a new-to-you color.
    • If you’re a tie-wearing guy, wear ties that make you stand out in a good way (no cartoon characters, please!). Brooks Brothers has an amazing selection of ties. Donate all old ties that just don’t work to Goodwill or the Salvation Army.
No matter what colors you invest in, choose the highest quality fabrics and the style or cut that works for your body shape. Now go forth wearing color!

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