Our families are fairly complicated--all our parents have remarried, and this is my fiancé's second marriage. We are at a loss as to how to arrange the dancing, when the bride is supposed to dance with her father, the groom with mother, etc. How do we do this, or can we just skip it?

The best way to ensure that there are no awkward moments or hurt feelings is to skip the “who dances with whom next” tradition and do a little pre-planning. Tell your attendants and all your parents that the two of you will begin the dancing. Let them know that you would like them, after a minute or so, to join you on the dance floor to indicate that dancing is, as of that moment, open to everyone. You can ask your attendants to invite partners other than their spouses or dates to dance for the duration fo the first song so that there are several people on the dance floor with you. Then, throughout your reception, you and your groom can dance with your parents and stepparents without having each dance announced or put in the spotlight.