My fiancé and I both have fairly complicated family situations with two sets of parents each. We have everything worked out for who sits where during the ceremony and at the reception but aren't sure what to do about pictures. Is it okay to have portraits of us with my mother and father and then with his parents, without stepparents in the picture? My mom says she refuses to be in a picture with my father, but it would mean a lot to me.

Although your wedding day will be one of wonderful memories for you, you can’t bring old memories into the picture. Your parents and your fiancé’s parents are no longer couples. They each have new spouses. You and your groom can have a picture taken with your mom, a separate one with your dad, and then shots with your groom’s biological parents, one at a time. It would also be thoughtful if you two have pictures taken with each of your parents and respective stepparents. Just as you want your parents to support your marriage, they must be hoping that you support their marriages, too. Your photos with each couple would be a nice way to show that you do.