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Cyber Bullying Hero Label

Cyber Bullying

photo: kids sitting in a line with arms around each others shoulders

Etiquette, and netiquette, is about social expectations and how they can help us build relationships. Cyber bullying goes beyond just bad manners. It's dangerous. If you, a friend, or your child is being cyber bullied, report it. Kids, tell your parents or a teacher you trust. Parents and teachers, go to the principal first: If it's happening on school Internet systems, the school may be legally required to take action. Also, you can file a complaint with the website involved or the bully's Internet service provider or cell phone company. For details and helpful resources, see

Bullying can impact witnesses as well as victims. It is incredibly damaging behavior. Even if you are not the target, take bullying seriously and we can all help to keep the online world as safe as possible.