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End of Summer Tipping Guide Hero Label

End of Summer Tipping Guide

As with holiday tipping, this is a way to say thank you to those who have helped you throughout the summer. (If you tip at the end of summer, there is no need to also tip at the holidays; conversely, you could wait and tip then.) The list below contains our recommendations for potential tipping candidates. These are not requirements or rules, simply suggestions if you are looking for a way to say thank you.

Remember that averages and ranges can vary based on the type of establishment, regional customs, and your own budget. You never have to give cash and a gift, except in a few cases, such as when your child may give a gift to a babysitter in addition to your tip or thank-you. (Read more on the difference between a holiday tip and a holiday gift.) We understand that some people aren’t comfortable picking out gifts for those they don’t know well so there are cash amounts listed below, as a suggestion only.

Au pair or daily babysitter:

A gift from your family (or one week’s pay) plus a small gift from your child.


One day or evening’s pay, plus a small gift from your child.

Dog walker:

One week’s pay.

Pool cleaner:

$20 to $50, or the cost of one cleaning.

Yard or garden care:

$20 to $50, or the cost of one care session.


A regular caddy, the normal fee for one round. The caddy pool or “backroom” boys’ tip pool: $50 -$100 for a season.

Pool attendant or lifeguard:

$20 - $50, if permitted.

Camp counselors:

Check with the camp administration because most camp counselors are not permitted to accept tips, but a small gift from your child or your family would probably be appropriate.

Regular tennis or golf pro:

If you have been taking lessons consistently through the summer, the cost of one private lesson.

Dock attendant:

$20 - $50.

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