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Finer Points of Tipping

Tipping is one of the most stressful and confusing aspects of etiquette today. It is a significant way to show appreciation for a job well done; however, treating the person who has served you with respect is every bit as important. Furthermore, praising the person himself, or, when you can, commending him to his supervisor, can go a long way toward letting him know what constitutes good service. For how much to tip, please see our general tipping guidelines.

Always treat servers with respect.

Leaving a generous tip doesn’t make up for ordering someone around or treating them dismissively. While tipping augments servers’ incomes and rewards them for a job well done, treating them kindly is just as important.

Remember to carry some cash.

Some places, such as salons, it may not possible to put a tip on a credit or debit card. This is also a good idea when staying at hotel.

If you are in doubt about whether to tip, ask in advance.

If a department store is scheduled to deliver a new sofa, call and ask someone in the furniture department whether tipping is customary; in a hair salon, ask the receptionist. In some situations, leaving a tip could be seen as demeaning. Taking the time to find out what’s expected can spare you an embarrassing moment.

It is acceptable to tip on the pre-tax amount of the bill.

For large parties this can be quite different than the total.

Tipping discreetly is classy.

Tipping is a private matter. Don’t act like a “big spender” and flash a lot of bills.

Money is the tip of choice.

Sometimes a small gift, usually given during the holidays, can be substituted for cash. In the case of a hairdresser, for example, this gift can “top off” the cash tips you’ve given over the year. Read more about holiday tipping.