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Five-Step Children's Manners Makeover for the Holidays: Introduction Hero Label

Five-Step Children's Manners Makeover for the Holidays: Introduction

The holidays are coming! Decorations are popping up everywhere. Holiday music is playing in stores. People are planning turkey dinners. Families will be traveling to visit families. Parents may be stressing. And kids are beside themselves with excitement.

Parents ask me, “What can we do? The kids are wild, and we’ve left table manners by the wayside. Is it too late?”  No, it’s not too late to spruce up the manners you want your children to know before the craziness sets in. You can help them by sharing a five-step manners makeover before Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Each step is designed to be a “spruce up the manners” lesson. 

Step 1: Table Manners

Step 2: Table Conversation

Step 3: Gifts You Don’t Wrap

Step 4: Greetings and Handshakes

Step 5: Giving and Receiving Gifts

No more than one hour a day. Make it fun. And talk with your kids about manners. Ask them why manners are important and which ones they think make the most sense. Help them understand this isn’t about “rules,” it’s really about how we get along with each other. The goal is to make this a positive experience and then to enjoy the holidays!

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