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How to Choose Luggage

Brown leather suitcase with stickers on it. This is a close up so you cannot see the entire suitcase

Luggage is like your attire

Your luggage, just like your clothing, shoes and accessories, makes a statement about you. Your luggage should function well and fit your budget, but it should also match your personal image. This is especially important if you travel for business. For example, if you had to walk into a client's office with your bag, would you feel confident...or maybe slightly embarrassed?

It's worth the investment

If you travel for work often, consider a high-quality bag that is utilitarian as well as professional: lots of pockets, sturdy, easy to navigate through busy airports, something that will last and still look good. It's worth the investment. Consider the per-use breakdown: If you buy a set of luggage (big bag, carry-on, and a "medicine bag") for around $500 and you use it at least 10 times per year for 10 years, that breaks down to $5 per use. That may be the same amount that you spend on coffee each day!

Test drive your luggage

Finally, before you make a purchase, take the bag for a walk. If you can, pull it around the store (or your house if you ordered online) before you buy it. You want to make sure that the roller wheels actually roll, that you like way the compartments are arranged (think about if it's easy to get to a needed item quickly), and that you are comfortable with the handle and weight.

Let's get you some luggage!

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