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How To Eat Soup the Proper Way Hero Label

How To Eat Soup the Proper Way

how to eat soup

The short answer to “How to eat soup?” is to eat it so you don’t make a mess.

Soup tends to drip off the soupspoon on the way from the bowl to your mouth. You can take two steps to reduce the chances of drips.

1. Dip your spoon into the soup with the spoon facing away from you and then scoop the soup away from you rather than towards you.

2. As you lift the spoon out of the soup, gently touch the underside of the soupspoon to the far edge of the soup bowl. This little tap will remove any soup from the underside of the spoon, leaving the drip on the edge of the bowl and not falling into your lap.

While at first scooping away may seem awkward, you will quickly learned how easy it is to do, and you’ll stop finding soup spots on your blouse or tie.

Avoid Slurping Soup

Slurping is another issue in regard to eating soup. The noise is both distracting and unpleasant for the other people at the table. Generally, people slurp because the soup is hot. Instead of slurping to cool the soup, try gently and quietly blowing on the soup in the spoon before taking it into your mouth. Once cooled, the spoonful can then be put into your mouth without slurping. At a very formal meal, refrain from blowing or slurping. Instead, hold the filled soupspoon low over the bowl for about 30 seconds to cool, and then proceed to eat it.

Is it okay to tip a bowl to get the last tasty spoonful of soup? Of course, it is. Just tilt the bowl away from you (again to avoid spills or drips on you) and do it quietly, without clanking your spoon against the bowl.