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Mother of the Groom: How You Can Help Hero Label

Mother of the Groom: How You Can Help

photo of a father pinning a flower on his son the groom while mom watches and smiles

With so much emphasis on tasks for the bride and her mother to do, it may seem like there is little left for the mother of the groom. Not so! Here are a few ways to engage with the wedding planning process:

  • Tell your son and bride-to-be that you are willing to help and would love to be kept in the loop as they make plans
  • On your own you can start by getting your guest list in order.
  • Check with the bride's mother to see what she plans to wear; though you certainly may choose your outfit based on your own taste, it's usually a plus if the mothers try for a somewhat coordinated look.
  • Most of all take some time to think about the expenses traditionally paid by the groom's family; which ones do you feel you can take on? The list of these expenses ranges from buying corsages and boutonnières for the groom's attendants and immediate family members to planning and paying for the rehearsal dinner.  In some cases the groom's family also hosts a bridal shower or a post-wedding reception in their hometown - particularly when the wedding is small and they'd like friends to meet their new daughter-in-law.
  • Let your son and his fiancée know how you'd like to contribute (financially or otherwise) so that they can plan accordingly.  The more you talk the more likely you'll find opportunities to get involved.