Party Game Ideas for Baby Showers Hero Label

Party Game Ideas for Baby Showers

Baby showers don't have to include games, but often a host or hostess livens up the occasion with a humorous game. Options run the gamut, from baby shower bingo to name the mystery baby food. If you're a guest, be considerate and participate, regardless of how silly or even bizarre you may find the rituals of baby showers to be. That said, a good host doesn't force her guests to participate in structured party activities past the point of enjoyment. If you're the host, have a few prizes on hand for the game winners who have endured the activities with good humor and grace. Ideas include a set of hand lotions or soaps, a box of chocolates, or a beautiful set of kitchen towels. Of course, don't limit your games and prizes to these ideas alone—get creative, and have fun! Here are some top game ideas:

Measure the Mom

Pass around a ball of string and a pair of scissors. Have each guest guess the circumference of the expecting mother's belly by cutting the length of string accordingly. The guests will then wrap the string around the honoree to see who came closest. The most accurate guesser wins!

Advice for the Mom to Be

Each guest receives a card to fill out with the best advice they have to offer the expectant mom or parents. Winners can be chosen at random from everyone that has filled out a card. Or, cards can be read aloud and the host can choose awards based on the best advice, the funniest advice, the worst advice, etc.

Building Baby's Library

Pass a scrapbook or journal around the room and have each guest write down the title and author of their favorite children's book, along with a brief description of why they chose it. Give the book to the honoree at the end of the party to keep on hand for ideas for bedtime readings with a personal touch.

Baby Food Taste Test

Depending on the number of attendees, purchase 6 to 10 jars of baby food. Conceal the labels with construction paper and number the jars accordingly. Have each guest sample the baby foods and write down their guess of the contents of each jar. The guest with the most correct guesses wins.