Sports: Be a Team Player Hero Label

Sports: Be a Team Player

Part of the fun of a sports game is cheering on your team and getting a little rowdy. However, it's still important to be respectful of both your team and the opponent's—that's what's meant by good sportsmanship. Here's how you can accomplish that:

If you're on the field:

We get it: When you're in the game, you've got your eye on the prize. You're focused on nothing other than the competition at hand. You want to win; no, you need to win. Although you may want to channel all your energy into winning, just remember to be considerate of the other athletes. Play by the rules. Work with—not against—your teammates, and listen to your coach. Don't fight with the ref or risk getting disqualified by using crude language or provoking injuries. If do you lose, lose gracefully. Don't point blame or ruin the other team's celebration. If you win, don't gloat. It's great to show pride in your win, just don't do it at the expense of hurting the other team's feelings.

If you're watching from the sidelines:

You're wearing your team's colors and a giant foam finger, belting out the official fight song and clicking away on your camera. Is there anything else you need to remember? There's nothing worse for the sport spectator than an obnoxious viewer yelling profanities, throwing food, jumping out of his seat, and taunting the other team or jeering the ref. Remember to be a supportive sports fan, not an offensive onlooker. Regardless of how you participate in sports, don't forget to have fun and show your support. GO TEAM!