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Stopping In-Office Solicitations Hero Label

Stopping In-Office Solicitations

This is one of the most asked-about issues in business etiquette. The best solution is to have an office policy about co-workers soliciting co-workers. If no policy exists, ask your boss to implement one. A couple of suggestions to increase the likelihood of your boss buying in: First, develop what you think would be a reasonable policy, one that addresses your concerns without completely shutting out those who want to be able to ask for donations. You might ask friends at other companies what their corporate policies are, and use these as a guideline. Second, find some other people in your office who feel the same way you do, and ask them to accompany you when you meet with your boss. There’s strength in numbers. Source: Post, Peter, "Etiquette at Work," Boston Globe For information on Emily Post Business Etiquette Programs contact Steven Puettner, Director of Sales, at or 802-860-1814.