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Thanking the Officiant Hero Label

Thanking the Officiant

wedding officiant at the alter with the bride and groom

It's important that you express gratitude to the wedding officiant who made your special day possible. Writing a personal, handwritten note to the wedding officiant is a fitting gesture of gratitude. You should also pay the officiant an appropriate fee for their services.

What to Give to the Wedding Officiant

The officiant's fee varies based on your relationship and the house of worship, local customs, and how much time he or she spends working with you before the wedding. If you have little contact with the officiant beforehand, the cost might be as low as $100; in other situations, especially those in which he or she has met with you several times about the ceremony, the fee can be as high as $500. You could call the church or synagogue with whom your officiant is affiliated and ask the secretary what is commonly offered or if the cost is pre-set. Once you know the appropriate fee, present it on your wedding day in a sealed envelope along with a handwritten note of thanks from you and your new spouse.