The Respectful Spectator Hero Label

The Respectful Spectator

Don't want to be known as the world's most obnoxious fan? Here are a few good-sport guidelines for your next trip to the stadium:
  • Be patient as you walk to your seat, taking care not to jostle or shove anyone. Walk slowly with the crowd, not through it, when arriving or leaving.
  • When vendors come hawking sodas or snacks in the stands, raise your arm to signal that you wish to purchase something rather than shouting, "Over here!"
  • When a large group of spectators rises and blocks your view, go with the flow and stand. If only one or two people are standing in front of you, be polite: "Get down in front!" will likely raise hackles, while "Would you mind sitting so that we can see?" usually won't.
  • Watch your language. Obscenities in public are by nature offensive, no matter how free-spirited the atmosphere. Remember, referees and coaches are people, too! Avoid being downright nasty or rude if you disagree with a call or play.
  • Cheer your heart out when your team is playing well, but don't be so loud or engage in so much horseplay that your behavior becomes obnoxious.
  • At events where extreme concentration is necessary, (golf tournaments, tennis matches, billiards, or even chess) respect the competitors' need for quiet.