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Wedding Guests and Gifts Hero Label

Wedding Guests and Gifts

Are You Going? What did you get them?

Chances are, you will attend more weddings in your life as a guest than as a host of some kind. While there is much less for a guest to do to get ready for a wedding, there is a great deal of etiquette that has to do with playing the role of guest well. It is so important. The witness and participation of guests helps make the event special. We have even considered writing a book of etiquette just for wedding guests. Maybe someday... Until then, our wedding guest etiquette section is filled with great advice.

...and oh-yah. You should probably bring a gift. We've got some advice on that too.

Gifts and Registries

Giving gifts to the wedding couple is a longstanding tradition to show love and support. As times change, gifts may range from traditional housewares to money towards a trip or a house. When choosing a gift, consider what the bride and groom may need as they begin a new life together. And if you are receiving the gifts, be sure to do so gracefully, and to thank your guests with prompt and thoughtful notes.