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Why Thanksgiving Is My Favorite Holiday Hero Label

Why Thanksgiving Is My Favorite Holiday

photo: hands holding a small pumpkin like a gift

A Day Devoted to Saying Thank You!

I was driving to work today and thinking about etiquette—that may seem unusual, but I often think about etiquette as I drive to work. It entered my head that in November there is a very special etiquette day. After all the last Thursday in November is a day devoted to saying thank you! What could be more special?

Here at The Emily Post Institute there is one manner that shows up on every top manners list we create. When I talk to kids and their parents, I tell them there is one manner that we talk about all the time! And that manner, of course, is saying thank you. By saying thank you, we acknowledge those things that are special in our lives: that people do nice things, that people help each other out, that people share, that people give each other gifts. By acknowledging the things others do for us,  we make them feel good, feel happy, feel appreciated.

And in November, across this country, there is a special day devoted to that manner. How amazing is that? A day devoted to saying thank you. What could be better? I have to say that it’s probably my favorite holiday.

And so it is with great joy for the coming holiday that I say to all of you: