Edwin Post, Jr. (Ned) was the elder of Emily Post’s two sons. Born in 1893, he is also the father of William Post, who was his only child. In 1946, Ned helped Emily to found and run The Emily Post Institute, and in 1960 he authored a biography of his mother, Truly Emily Post. Ned, who according to Emily was “a cook of really wide reputation—particularly in France,” was also instrumental in the 1951 release of The Emily Post Cookbook.

Earlier in his life Ned was a pilot in World War I, and in 1915 he drove with Emily and her cousin across the U.S. on the new Lincoln highway from New York to San Francisco. The trip took forty-five days, and the road, which was only begun in 1912, was nearly impassable in places. This trip became the basis for Emily’s 1916 book, By Motor to the Golden Gate.

After World War I, Ned worked as an engineer at the Mack Motor Truck Company. Later in life Ned retired to Italy, where he died in 1973.