“This seminar was wonderful! A true delight and a great ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunity! Thank you!” -Langham Hotel, Boston, MA

We work hard to make sure our presentations are relevant and engaging for our audiences. We are proud of the high marks our programs regularly receive in evaluations, and believe the key to our success is our combination of passion, deep knowledge, and engaging our audience in conversation from the first few minutes. Here’s what some of our clients have to say:

On the Program

“Thank you for the relevant, timely presentation on business etiquette! The presentation was highly thought-provoking and I had many take-away lessons.” -Métier

“I expected the Etiquette day to be a poor use of our time; however, the way this topic was applied in a business sense really opened up my thoughts on the topic. This was an excellent session and something I would strongly recommend to others.” -CNA

“I am writing to thank you for conducting an outstanding seminar with our fine employees.  In my opinion, the content and delivery of each component of the seminar meshed perfectly with one of our organizational needs for development and growth. Your style, coupled with your ability to involve the audience, played a significant role in achieving the seminar objectives. Thank you for a great seminar.” -Kevin P. Casey, VP, Sales and Marketing, Mar-Bal, Inc., Chagrin Falls, IL

“I have had the opportunity to work with The Emily Post Institute for the past few years and look forward to our continued relationship. The training programs have been a valuable component to our Leadership Development Programs. The trainings go beyond the concepts of etiquette and connect effectively with leaders at the various levels of our organization.” -Christie Chapman, Manager, Organization & Leadership Development, Barnes Group Inc.

“I participated in an Emily Post Seminar 2 years ago. Peter Post presented to my colleagues about business etiquette.  I’ve applied many of the techniques presented that day including a piece of advice that helped turn an awkward work situation around.” -Ernie Lopez, Regional Sales Specialist, Ivy Funds, St. Louis, MO

“I wanted you to know how much I enjoyed the class. This should be available to everyone since it benefits us all on so many levels, professionally and socially. The sections on e-mail are so dead-on. I am now so careful.” -Linda Shanghai, Concierge, Hyatt Corporate Headquarters, Chicago, IL

On the Speakers

“Peter Post held everyone’s attention and gave great pointers without being preachy.” -Gallagher and Flynn

“Anna puts etiquette in relatable terms. She talks to the audience in a manner that we can understand and is always a pleasure to listen to.” -Métier

“Everyone loved Dan! His kind and patient manner did not go unnoticed and made it easy to participate and ask questions. We also appreciated his sense of humor.” -UNH School of Business


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