Created for presentation at schools, community centers, libraries, restaurants or hotel dining rooms, seminars are approximately 1-2 hours in length. These programs are suitable for children of all ages and their parents, with audience sizes ranging from 10-35 participants. These are not open-enrollment with set dates. They are customized to a client’s needs, location and date.

“Cindy’s parent presentation was enlightening and thought-provoking. Parents expressed to me later that they learned so much and took away specific tips for encouraging manners with their children”

“I felt so fortunate we were able to have Cindy for a speaker and offer this kind of education to our families, and I would love to host her again.” – Nicole McDermott, Head of School, The Pinecrest School, Annandale, VA

Table Manners Workshop

Is it okay to eat French fries with your fingers? Why are there two forks at my place? What if my friend’s Mom serves something I really don’t like? This workshop covers table manners from the table setting, to how to use utensils, and eat ‘challenging’ foods. There is a table manners quiz, a tour of the table setting, tips on eating tricky foods and “what if” discussions that sort out sticky situations. In addition, the workshop covers how to have a good meal-time conversation. Participants receive tip cards and a certificate of completion from the Emily Post Institute.

During a restaurant hosted meal, children learn about table manners and etiquette. They learn to navigate a formal table setting and dine out with confidence. Children are introduced to the principles of etiquette-respect, honesty and consideration-and how they impact daily life. There is a table manners quiz, an overview of the place setting, pointers on how to eat tricky foods, and tips on being a good guest and host. Children receive a booklet summarizing the manners and lessons presented in the program. They also receive a personalized certificate upon completion of this manners course.

For:  Ages 7 – 16
Length: 1 – 2 hours during a meal
Audience size: 10 – 35

“You taught my friends and I all about manners and what we need to do to be more polite. My family and I have improved our manners because of your visit. You helped me learn what to do at friends’ houses if there is something wrong.” – Rachel

“I never realized that cell phones could be so annoying. The table manners are helpful to my family also.” – Hannah

Essential Manners Program

Say “please” and “thank-you,” take hats off at dinner, turn off smartphones in class, shake hands and introduce yourself; there are so many basic manners that come up every day we can’t list them all here, but we will cover them in this essential manners workshop. In clear and simple terms, the basic manners for greetings, partings, communication, and mealtimes are addressed.

This workshop takes basic manners to another level. It is important to understand “why” good manners are important as well as “how” to use them. Many people want to know why these manners matter and this is an important question to answer for students at all stages of their developement. The core principles of honesty, respect, and consideration, that are the basis for all good etiquette, help answer this question and are presented in terms that are easy to understand at any age. By the end of this program, the goal is for kids and parents to be able to answer for themselves the question of why these basic manners are so important as well as what they are.

For:  Ages 7 – 16
Length: 1 – 2 hours
Audience size: 10 – 35

“I really enjoyed deciding which choice was best when you gave us different scenarios.” – Haley

“It’s cool that kids have their own manner book. I look forward to reading it. Now I know to stand up and shake someone’s hand. THANK YOU!” – Alexandra

What Kids Say

“I learned about manners on the computer and for cell phones. I liked how you interacted with the kids too.” ~ Harrison

“Thank you for coming and sharing good manner tips. I really liked your book! I’ll use it well. I hope you have a great stay in Kansas City . Thank you Cindy!” ~ Quint

“Thank you for coming to talk to us. I learned new stuff from you and your manners book. It is a very good book. You describe manners as if you invented them.” ~ Connor

Cindy Post Senning

Cindy Post Senning, Ed.D., is the co-author of a dozen books on etiquette for both parents and children, including The Gift of Good Manners, The Guide to Good Manners for Kids, and Emily’s Everyday Manners. Her professional career spanned nearly thirty years in education and health. Now retired, Cindy continues to lead the Emily Post Children’s Etiquette Train the Trainer Program twice a year.


DANIEL POST SENNING is the great-great-grandson of Emily Post and a co-author of Emily Post’s Etiquette, 18th edition and The Etiquette Advantage in Business, 3rd edition. He is also the author of Manners in a Digital World: Living Well Online. Dan conducts business etiquette seminars across the country and internationally, and he co-hosts the Awesome Etiquette podcast.

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