Essential Manners For Men, 2nd Edition Hero Label

Essential Manners For Men, 2nd Edition

What To Do, When To Do It, and Why

“In the world of Jackass, Maxim, and The Man Show, men should welcome this book. It’s refreshing to have another voice.”
—Andy Spade, CEO and Creative Director, Kate Spade LLC

“A helpful manners survival guide for figuring out those sticky everyday situations.”
—Joshua Piven, co-author of The WORST-CASE SCENARIO Survival Handbook

The name “Emily Post” is synonymous with etiquette, good manners, and decorum—and, with this newly revised and updated 2nd edition of the New York Times bestseller Essential Manners for Men, Peter Post, Emily Post’s great-grandson and director of The Emily Post Institute, once again does the great lady proud. In this invaluable handbook, Peter addresses the topics men really need to master to succeed in business and in life—how to act and to conduct themselves in a wide range of common (and not so common) circumstances in the office, at weddings, on social media, when dating, and more.

Peter Post doesn’t just tell men what to do and when to do it—he tells them why to do it. Essential Manners for Men, 2nd edition is full of Peter’s self-deprecating humor and is backed by his rock-solid etiquette advice. This is a book that belongs on the shelves of every modern man—and the woman who loves him.