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Mind Your Manners Trivia Game Hero Label

Mind Your Manners Trivia Game

Have fun and test your knowledge with Emily Post's Mind Your Manners trivia game! Beautifully crafted and hilariously written, this is trivia for the know-it-all who likes to have fun! Signed copies are available through Bridgeside Books.

Test your etiquette knowledge with this sometimes silly but always polite trivia game from the Emily Post Institute.

Good manners are about making people feel comfortable, and Mind Your Manners rewards those who know how to put others at ease with their courteous actions. With guidance taken directly from The Emily Post Institute, this game is the final say in how to behave politely—and the winner takes all. Mind Your Manners includes 200 trivia question cards. An enclosed booklet instructs how to organize a trivia night for two or more competitors and play rounds for points. Or simply leave the cards out as conversation starters at your next get-together or dinner party to see who is the most gracious among you. For those who aren’t so sure, well, this game will teach them to mind their manners. This game is excellent for teachers or youth group leaders who wish to focus on etiquette.