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Cross Cultural Etiquette

International and Inter-generational Perspectives

This section, often woven into our introductory section or Workplace Etiquette, focuses on generational differences and cross cultural expectations.“When in Rome, do as the Romans do,” is a popular expression for a reason, and its meaning aligns with the principles of etiquette. This section emphasizes that the principles of etiquette remain the same even though the manners may differ. The goal of the module is to increase students’ awareness of variations of custom and culture on a regional basis and to show them how to become knowledgeable about specific country/culture customs before working with an international corporation or taking a trip to another country. Module includes: definition of “culture”; key points to be aware of when visiting another culture; working with an interpreter; examples of regional differences; points of etiquette to research prior to travel. Your presenter can then refer back to it throughout the program at appropriate points. It includes a discussion of why different generations have different expectations; deferring to older generations; and a focus on differences around technology, multitasking, attire, language, and feedback.

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