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General Tipping Guide

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The following chart covers tipping guidelines for three of the most common times tipping is expected: at restaurants, during travel, and at salons.


Service Appropriate Tip
Wait service (sit down) 15-20%, pre-tax
Wait service (buffet) 10%, pre-tax
Host or Maitre d' No obligation for greeting you and showing you to your table. $10-$20 for going above and beyond to find you a table on a busy night or on occasion, if you are a regular patron
Do You Tip for Take Out? No obligation; 10% for extra service (curb delivery) or a large, complicated order
Tip for Delivery 10-15% of the bill, $2-5 for pizza delivery depending on the size of the order and difficulty of delivery
Bartender $1-2 per drink or 15-20% of the tab
Tipping jars No obligation; tip occasionally if your server or barista provides a little something extra or if you are a regular customer.
Restroom Attendant $0.50-$3, depending on the level of service
Valet $2-$5. Tip when the car is returned to you.


Service Tip
Skycap $2 first bag, $1 per additional bag
Doorman A smile and a "thanks" when he opens the door, plus $1-$4 for carrying luggage; $1-$2 for hailing cab (add an extra $1 if it's raining); $1-$4 beyond the call of duty.
Bellhop $2 first bag; $1 per additional bag; $2-3 for each additional service, such as room delivery.
Housekeeper $2-$5 per day, left daily with a note marked "Housekeeping - Thank you"
Concierge No obligation for answering questions. $5-10 for tickets or restaurant reservations; $15 for hard-to-get tickets or reservations (or 10-20% of the ticket price)
Taxi Driver 15-20% of the fare, but minimally $1; $2 for the first bag carried, $1 per additional bag.


Service Tip
Hair Salon 15-20%, ask to be split among those who served you
Manicurist 15-20%
Facial, Waxing, Massage 15-20%

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