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Courtney Nichol

Bleu Beacon

Bloomfield Hills, MI, USA

Courtney Nichol

Courtney Nichol is the founder of Bleu Beacon she graduated from both the Emily Post Business Etiquette Train the Trainer program and the Emily Post Children's Etiquette Train the Trainer program in 2015. Courtney offers etiquette training in Dining conventions - both formal and informal, American & Continental dining, Tipping practices, Small Talk, Networking skills, Verbal and non-verbal communications and behaviors, Appropriate appearance, Training on working in an inter-generational workplace, Cultural sensitivities, Relationship building, as well as Stakeholder management.

"At the core of Bleu Beacon is the simple belief that the success of every organization is dependent upon its people and their ability to deliver first-rate experiences by bringing their best selves to interpersonal relationships."

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Courtney Nichol