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Online Course: Dining Etiquette - CreativeLive Hero Label

Online Course: Dining Etiquette - CreativeLive

The place where our manners are really put to the test is at the table. Eating a meal with others is a veritable minefield of potential blunders and gaffes, so if you’re planning to dine with work colleagues, superiors or clients, it’s wise for you to be fully versed in dining etiquette. Business dinners and power lunches are where so many key decisions are made and social meals are where relationships are formed. It’s imperative that you approach business and social meals feeling confident and avoid unforced errors.

This course covers the fundamentals of table manners, addressing everything from place settings to holding utensils, good posture to appropriate conversation.

In this class, you’ll learn how to:

  • Navigate a place setting and menu.
  • Hold utensils properly and understand the differences between American and Continental styles.
  • Understand manners for specific courses in the meal, from bread and butter to soup and salad.
  • Have good posture, eye contact and appropriate gestures.
  • Handle it if you don’t like what you’ve ordered.
  • Toast your host or guest of honor.
  • End a meal properly and know when you can leave the table.

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14 Lessons:

1. Course Introduction, 2. Arriving at the Table, 3. Napkins, 4. What to Eat, 5. The Place Setting, 6. Holding Utensils, 7. Posture, 8. Toasting and Alcohol, 9. Bread, 10. Soup, 11. Salad, 12. Main Course, 13. Dessert, 14. End of the Meal

photo: daniel post senning standing in front a set table in a restaurant addressing the camers
photo: close up of place setting with napkin folded nicely on plate
photo: server grinds pepper over salad with cheese
photo: several diners at a table cut into a main course with knives and forks
photo: daniel post senning raising a glass and smiling
photo: spoon cutting into a dessert in a cup with whipped cream
Online Course: Dining Etiquette - CreativeLive

Daniel brings a human touch to Online-Learning

Daniel Post Senning is the great-great grandson of Emily Post and a co-author of Emily Post’s Etiquette, 19th edition and The Etiquette Advantage in Business, 3rd edition. He is also the author of Manners in a Digital World: Living Well Online. Dan specializes in relationship building in all areas of life, whether it is at home, at work, or online. He is a personable and dynamic presenter who takes pleasure in making the topic of etiquette useful and approachable to all audiences.

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