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Dr. Sheree Bryant Sekou

Sheree Sekou Consulting, LLC

Texas, USA

Business Trainer
Dr. Sheree Bryant Sekou

Dr. Sheree is a leadership and learning consultant, international facilitator, and positive change catalyst whose work is grounded in a strengths-based philosophy of searching for the best in individuals and organizations. She is the author of What A Difference A Change Makes and the owner of Sheree Sekou Consulting, a global learning and development firm. As a sought-after speaker, certified master trainer, and licensed Business Etiquette Trainer with Emily Post Institute, Dr. Sheree integrates the foundations of business etiquette: consideration, respect, and honesty, into her speaking engagements, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion sessions and leadership workshops for learners all over the globe.

Dr. Sheree has developed leaders in the hotel industry, healthcare institutions, Fortune 500 and 100 corporations, correctional education facilities, and academic institutions. An avid business and personal traveler, Dr. Sheree has journeyed to six of the seven continents and currently calls Texas and the U.S. Virgin Islands home. She considers herself a lifelong student of spirituality, personal empowerment, self-mastery, and cultural enlightenment and she believes that the power to change our world is in our hands. To purchase her book and learn more about her work, visit

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Dr. Sheree Bryant Sekou