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Dr. Minju Witte

Empower Etiquette

Indiana, USA

Business Trainer
Dr. Minju Witte

Empower Etiquette provides a comprehensive range of courses, encompassing business, social, and teen etiquette. Additionally, they specialize in intercultural training, fostering conflict resolution, and guiding individuals in establishing healthy boundaries within relationships. An instrumental source of influence for Empower Etiquette is the legacy of Emily Post training. This influence is particularly evident in the incorporation of effective problem-solving techniques, a strong emphasis on intercultural training, and the cultivation of communication skills. These skills are invaluable in enabling individuals to navigate complex situations with confidence rather than avoiding them.

What resonated deeply with me about the Emily Post training approach is its holistic perspective on etiquette. This perspective not only encompasses considerate behavior but also underscores the importance of establishing personal boundaries while interacting with others.

My decision to choose the Emily Post Program for my training stems from its distinctive approach to etiquette, which extends beyond mere manners and delves into foundational principles. A standout feature of the program is the provision of weekly personalized check-in sessions with Daniel Post Senning. This facet of the training has played a pivotal role in shaping my etiquette journey, making it an indispensable aspect of my growth.

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Dr. Minju Witte