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Hayden Wilson

Pretty Polished Nashville

Tennessee, USA

Children's Trainer
Hayden Wilson

Pretty Polished Nashville, offers services at the Getalong in East Nashville as well as other locations around Nashville. I can bring classes to area schools, Girl/Boy Scouts Meetings, private residences for pre-arranged groups, etc. I sometimes host workshops out of my own dining room! I love spreading kindness in this way and I hope to be able to portray etiquette as a way to build confidence and care for others instead of using it for judgment or to feel superior. This is the approach in each of my classes. I sincerely believe that by intentionally helping children understand and cultivate civility, we can potentially address some of the larger issues facing society today. Practicing good etiquette can empower a child, grow their confidence, and prepare them to be the kind of empathic leader we will need them to one day be.

I offer consultations in person or via Zoom and can customize a class or series of classes that fits your particular group's needs! You can also register for one of my classes at The Getalong in East Nashville (see my website for scheduled classes or reach out to make a booking).

"After having two children of my own, I started searching for age-appropriate etiquette resources in our area. I had such a hard time finding local etiquette educational opportunities and simultaneously realized that I could have so much fun offering children's classes of my own! My children are 4 and 6 years old (and my toughest audience) so I am in the trenches with many other families in the preschool developmental stages and have had the pleasure of testing out my unorthodox teaching methods (think: games, races, engaging activities, etc) on many of our friends and their kids. I sought out training from Emily Post on the subject because I've grown up with her books on all of my shelves--it seemed like the obvious (only) choice if I wanted to learn from the best in the business. With support from this program, I've fallen even more in love with teaching children's etiquette in the most exciting ways I can think of. If my class isn't fun, then I don't really want to be there (which is perfect, since that's how most children feel). My classes explore age-appropriate and relevant scenarios that most children will encounter every day. For example, we usually start with a class on the basics of being a considerate human in settings that they likely already encounter every day. Back to School/classroom etiquette, carpool manners, cafeteria, and play date etiquette are just a few popular topics we have covered in my classes (in addition to table manners, of course)."

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Hayden Wilson