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Table Manners Video - The Napkin Hero Label

Table Manners Video - The Napkin

Where to put the Napkin when you Leave the Table

In this video we go over what to do with your napkin either when you excuse yourself from the table or at the end of the meal. The simple mnemonic device to remember the correct choice is 'LL' for 'Loosely' to the 'Left'. Place your napkin, folded loosely, to the left of your plate, not on the plate or chair you sit in

Why Not? 

Some experts will suggest that the napkin should be placed on the chair if you plan on returning to the table, for example after taking a call or using the restroom, and on the table or in the center of the plate at the end of the meal when you depart. We think that this is good way to soil the napkin unnecessarily, if you place it on your plate, or to transfer food mess from the napkin to a chair or even worse your clothes, if you place it on your seat. The best move is to fold it loosely and lay it to the left of the plate (probably where it was at the start of the meal) every time you leave the table.