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Table Manners Video - Where to Sit Guests at the Table Hero Label

Table Manners Video - Where to Sit Guests at the Table

Where to Sit at the Table

In this video we look at how a host determines who sits where at the table. Guests can take comfort following a hosts lead when the host is confident and knows what to do. Keep it simple, the guest of honor is given the best seat.

As a Guest

If you are the guest in a situation, look to your host for ques.

  1. You may see place cards at the table. Look for your name and you will have found your seat. The only mistake you can make is trying to switch cards and rearrange the work your host has done. This is a moment to follow along and sit where your host has placed you.
  2. Your host might invite you to the table at a certain time. Watch them and other guests for indications that they are about to sit before plopping down.
  3. The host may indicate that a certain seat is for you or is being reserved for a particular person. 
  4. If they haven't offered direction it is okay to ask if there is somewhere the host recommends you sit. If they say take any seat you like feel free to pick yourself. If they suggest you might like something, may as well take that seat.